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We work closely with our clients to deliver the elegance they deserve while building the room of their dreams.

From the concept, to the design, to the finishing stitches of your project, we deliver a solution tailored specifically for you.  By interpreting an individual’s style and needs, we can capture the essence of a room and bring that into your design.  We are constantly following the modern trends in the industry and work with the highest quality materials we can to fit your budget.

Design Consultation

We start by getting to know your goals.  Get started on that project today. Schedule an appointment in our studio, or call to setup a free consultation.

Unique Quality

Every item we make it hand crafted for you. We make one of a kind, custom designed solutions that you won’t find on a department store shelf.

Expert Installation

We are with you to the end to make sure every detail is covered. Let us install your pieces and make sure they are perfect.

Latest projects

We believe in long lasting design, which we achieve by selecting quality fabrics and building for the individual.

We design and sew just about everything. Because we know having a vision of the end results is important, we can provide computer renderings of your new space BEFORE you buy.



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