Cushions & Pillows

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.

Getting Started

Getting started can be the hardest part for any design project. We have a full studio of samples and examples to help draw out inspiration and start the processes into finding your perfect design. Schedule an appointment to come see the samples or give us some colors to start from and we can recommend some directions.

Creating Style

Creating a style doesn’t come off a shelf at a department store. We find great design by tapping into the spirit of our clients and capturing the essence of the space they are looking to create.

It’s the Details

The details are where most people miss the mark. We have always believed that it’s the details that truly make the design. We are there to not only make sure you window treatment is the perfect match, but make sure it gets installed right and no details are missed.

How does it work?

Magical enchantments and pixie dust only work in the movies

There is no crystal ball providing us with the perfect design. We have to do a little bit of work to get us there, but the reward is worth it, every time. Here are some steps to expect as we work together.

  • It Starts With An Appointment – We need to talk. Book an appointment so we can have that initial conversation to see if we are good match for your project.
  • Tell Us What You Need – The design process starts with either a visit to your home, or a meeting at our studio to review options and ideas.
  • We Do Some Prep Work – We need to do a little homework. If you are ready for us to move forward, we start building the concept for you to look at. We put a design package together of samples and styles for you and come back to see if we have hit the mark or not.
  • Together – We work with you to build this design. Before we sew the first stitch or cut the first yard of fabric, you will know what direction we are headed. We have the ability to offer computer renderings of the solutions and you should be able to see your future room.
  • Time to Sew – Once you sign off on the final design, we get to work. We order the fabric, design the templates specific to your room, and begin to create your project.
  • Install – We don’t just drop off the finished product on the front step and walk away. We are there until the end. If the project needs it, we will bring in installers, make sure the design is setup properly, everything functions, and everybody is happy.
  • The Reveal – Some people enjoy being around while we work but the real fun is being able to transform a room and watching people walk in for the first time. Let us set the mood and reveal our design in your new room and you won’t be disappointed.


Ready to take the first step? Let’s start talking about your project or idea and find out how we can help you.

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